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in Valencia

You won't get bored in Valencia. There is an incredibly large amount to see and to do. Check out some highlights here or take a loot at the Valencia Tourist Information website of the city. 


City Zoo

Park in de herfst
Food and drinks

& drinks

Indulge in the vibrant culinary scene of Valencia with our handpicked selection of local gems for dining and sipping. Whether you crave authentic paella by the beach, seek trendy tapas spots in the historic district, or yearn for cozy cafés tucked away in charming corners, our curated guide unveils the city's best-kept secrets. 


Koppen koffie

Locals tackle breakfast with a mix of zest and flavor, opting for toast that's practically an art form—think bread, tomato, garlic and olive oil doing the Flamenco. Add some juice of the Valencian oranges and a strong coffee. You are ready to go!


For lunch, Spaniards dive into a fiesta of flavors, turning a simple meal into a flamboyant affair. Picture daily menus and paella stealing the show, with local Bobal wine from the Requena region. 

Seafood Paella

Tapas for dinner

Spaanse maaltijd

Later at night locals transform the dinner table into a canvas of small bites and masterpieces to share. With all different dishes, it may turn into a culinary Salsa!


Sipping Agua de Valencia feels like a citrusy celebration, blending fresh orange juice, cava, and a hint of spirits for a drink that embodies the city's zest. As the night unfolds, Valencia's love for gin tonics takes center stage. 

cocktail waardoor

Get around
in Valencia

In Valencia, transportation options abound, offering both residents and visitors a seamless and efficient way to navigate the vibrant city. The extensive public transportation system includes a modern metro network, busses, well-developed bike lanes and pedestrian-friendly pathways.  


The metro and tram system can be combined to get you anywhere you want in the city. It runs directly from the airport into the city.


You can purchase a single trip for €1.50 (1 zone), €2.80 (2 zones) or €4.80 for (3 zones) or buy the SUMA travel card. 


A single underground ticket costs €1.50 for one zone, €2.80 for two zones, €4.80 for three zones. 

EMT is the buss network and it costs €1.50 per journey. Locals generally use the rechargeable SUMA travel card to get around the city.


The Valencia Tourist Card is a good option for visitors. It offers unlimited journeys on public transport for 24 hours (€15), 48 hours (€20) or 72 hours (€25) incl. transfers.

Our advice - Download the EMT-app

Tele Taxi and Radio Taxi are the two largest taxi companies in Valencia and are available 24 hours a day. Uber is also available.

You can order via the app Free Now, by phone, at a stand in the city and you can stop them as they drive by on the roads. At the airport, there is a taxi stand at Arrivals Hall 1.

Fares for a taxi ride are the same at all official taxi companies and depend on the zone and time of day. The amount is shown on the taxi meter and you can ask for an invoice. Payment can be made by card or cash.

The city's extensive network of bike lanes and the pleasant Mediterranean climate make Valencia an ideal destination for both leisurely rides and exploring its charming streets.

Happy Tourist Center is a 2-minute walk from VALOLA and rents bikes, e-bikes and e-scooters. You can also book very fun and interesting private tours with them! Just let them know you are staying with us!

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